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Breaking All The Rules With Layering Jewelry

If you’re seeing gold jewelry everywhere, it’s because it’s been the latest rage for the past few years and it truly completes every outfit. Sometimes a single necklace isn’t enough, it just doesn’t make a statement. You need a few pieces to create a true ‘look.’ Whether it’s a simple white tee and jeans or a maxi dress, our layering necklaces have a great pop of style and sparkle.

Start with a focal necklace that’s going to be your statement piece and surround it with other supporting pieces. Whether it’s our Rock Your Body Necklace or our Be The Sunshine Necklace, they’ll both be a strong statement.

  1. Choose necklaces of different lengths, so that they don’t cluster together. Two necklaces that are different lengths will definitely give some immediate style to your outfit, we love the three to five rule if you’re looking for a true statement look

  2. We don’t believe in traditional jewelry rules, where you can only match one style metal, we mix metals all the time, it adds to an edgy look by adding gold into your look

  3. We love a shorter necklace, starting at the clavicle and then adding layering looks while getting slightly longer.

  4. We’re all about minimalistic looks, so we toggle between layering simple necklaces without pendants, but we’re such a fan of the Rock Your Body piece that we give ourselves reasons to wear it

  5. The key to keeping your overall look interesting is by finding balance. If you’re going for a layered look with multiple necklaces, you might just want to go for simple earrings (but who are we to judge? We break the rules all the time and wear hoops with everything). Load up on pieces you love and find your personal style through jewelry, we’ll support you. We’ll even feature you on our @Strands28 IG if you tag us with #mystrands28

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